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Passage 3

Penticton Art Center

The Penticton Art Center offers participants a unique opportunity to develop creative skills while enjoying the picturesque beauty of British Columbia. Our family is located in charming Penticton, nestled between two lakes, surrounded by mountains, and easily accessible from Vancouver. Our classes, offered June to August and taught by master instructors from across Canada, have been attracting aspiring artists for 25 years. Enrollment in each class is limiter to 15 participants to allow plenty of individual attention. This year, we are adding four new classes to program:

Date Course Level
June 6-10 Introduction to Metal Sculpture Beginning
June 20-24 Landscape Painting All Level All Level
July 11-15 Studio Portrait Painting Intermediate-Advanced
August 4-8 Digital Photography Advanced

To: Edward Beckman

From: Jonas Woods

Subject: Summer class

Date: August 25

Dear Mr. Beckman

I attended one of your new classes this year, and I wanted to share with you some thoughts on my experience. While I enjoyed the course overall and found Elaine Sourden to be a seasoned instructor, I felt that the one class really should have been divided into two separate sections — one for beginners and one for students who already have some painting experience. Of the fifteen students in class, eight were beginners and required most of the instructor’s attention.

Unfortunately, that meant the more experienced students received less of promised “individual attention” than I had hoped. Ms. Sourden led the group to three different locations that provided beautiful scenery from which to work, but much of her time was spent helping the novice students with the basics of how to set up.

I hope this information helps in your planning for next year. I would seriously consider taking a second class next year but would want to be sure that the instruction was appropriate to my skill level.


Jonas Woods

26. What is indicated about the Penticon Art Center?

A. It offers a year-round program.

B. It has increased the number of its classes.

C. It will open a second school next year.

D. It specializes in advanced art lessons.

27. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

A. To request information about next year’s program

B. To provide a letter of recommendation for an instructor

C. To inquire about a teaching position

D. To offer feedback on a class

28. What is mentioned about Ms. Sourden?

A. She is an experienced teacher.

B. She is a famous photographer.

C. She is a resident of Vancouver.

D. She is the director of the Penticton Art Center.

29. What is suggested about Mr. Woods?

A. He has previous painting experience.

B. He requested a refund for art supplies.

C. He helped students during an art class.

D. He has taken other classes at the center.

30. When did Mr.Woods most likely attend the Penticon Art Center?

A. From July 11 to 15 B. From June 20 to 24

C. From August 4 to 8 D. From June 6 to 10





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